Posted by: IggyGirl | February 22, 2008

A Custom Italian Greyhound Sweater Knitting Pattern

A couple of years ago, I designed a sweater for Pippin.  It has gone through several revisions, including his Coat of Many Colors, but I now have a design that fits him pretty well.  The sweater is blue/purple and he wears it several times in the video. I’ve received feedback from the awesome IGsters at IG Post & some are interested in the hand-knit sweater pattern. So, I’m going to finish putting to it together on paper and fine-tune it, in order to have it as a free down-load here on my blog. I want to do it in three different sizes, but I need your help…

I need as many of you Iggy Owners out there to measure your “stinker”.  The more the merrier!  More measurements mean I can be more accurate on my sizing.  Pippin doesn’t meet the Iggy 15 inch standard in height, so I think his sweater would be a bit big on the “wee Iggies” out there. 

So, what size is your Iggy? 

1. How tall is your Iggy at the shoulder?
2. How many inches around the largest part of the chest?
3. How many inches from the front of the chest and around the shoulders?
4. And how long is he/she from the base of the neck to the base of the tail?

Iggy Measurement Diagram

Thank y’all sooo much!! This will really help me out and the little Iggies who are blessed enough to get new sweaters this winter! You can send the measurements to me via personal message at IG Post.


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