Free Custom Italian Greyhound Sweater Knitting Pattern

Pippin gets excited when I pull this sweater out, and he helps me put it on him too, by thrusting his paws through the leg holes and holding them up until I’m done!

Screamin’ Cutie’s Italian Greyhound

Sweater Pattern


Yarn: 440 yards of worsted weight yarn (somewhere around there)

Circular Needles: 9 & 6 us

Double Pointed Needles: 8 & 6 us

2 Stitch Holders and markers


4 sts & 5 ¾ rows over St st with largest size needles: 1 ins

Sizes; S, (M, L)


1. With yarn doubled, cast on 40 (40, 42) sts using size 8 dpn. Work in the round in k1 p1 rib for 2 ½ (3, 3 ½) in, or however far you want. You can make it shorter, like a crew-neck, or you can make it so it covers the ears like a snood. It’s all up to you. Just remember that you’ll need to adjust your yarn requirements accordingly. Increase 16 (30, 44) sts evenly across last row, so you’ll end up with 56 (70, 84) sts.

Chest and Shoulders

2. Change to larger size needles. k 3 rounds.

~ Starting at M, k 4 (4, 5), ” WST, P 3, WST “. K 14 (18, 18). Repeat ” to “. Finish round. K 1 more round ~.

Repeat ~ to ~ until piece measures ½ (1, 1 ½) in from base of neck, or end of ribbing.

(~ Then, starting at marker, K 4, “WST, P 4, WST”) K 16 (20, 20). Repeat ” to “. Finish round. K 1 round ~.

Repeat ~ to ~ until piece measures 2 ins from end base of neck. Then, repeat ( to ). K 8 (11, 14). WST. Purl 24 (34, 40). WST. K to round marker. Repeat ( to ). K 9 (12, 16). WST Purl 26 (36, 46). WST. K to round M.

Leg Opening.

3. Next round: Bind off 4 sts, k 8 (12, 12) sts. Then put the other sts on a holder, for now you will be working on only these 8 (12, 12) sts flat, still in St st.

Work on sts for 2 (2 ½, 3) in, ending with a right side row. Place sts on a second holder. Cut yarn.

4. Rejoin yarn at the left hand base of your “tab” and bind off the next 4 sts. Then work around to the other side of the first bound off sts. Cast on 4 sts. Then, take the “tab” off it’s holder and k those sts and cast on another 4 sts.

K 3 rows. Starting at M, K 21 (27, 31). WST.

P 24 (35, 42), yes you will pass your marker. Don’t sweat! Once again, you’re making short rows. WST.

K 23, (34, 41). WST.

P 22 (30, 40). WST.

K to marker. K 1 round.

K 18 (25, 27). WST.

P 21 (31, 38). WST.

K 20 ( 30, 37). WST.

P 19 (29, 36). WST. K to M.


5. Continue on all sts until piece measures 4 ½ (5, 5 ½) ins from base of neck, measured on the back of the sweater. But this is the time to adjust for your dog ‘s length if you need to. For a Girl Iggy, the issue of length isn’t an issue at all, but for a boy… well, you know. Check out the measurements for each size to see if you need to adjust length.

Change to size 6 circular needle. K2 p2 around. Continue until piece measures 6 (7, 8 ) ins from the neck.

Tail shaping

6. Change back to size 9 needle. K 2 sts, then bind off 12 (14, 14) sts. Finish round in P2 K2 (K2 P2, P2 K2). If you want to, you can remove the marker because you will now be working flat again and you will not work in the round until you do you tail border. Stop working the ribbing, just do St st.

P 1 round. At the beginning of each row thereafter, s1, ssk or s1 p2t, whichever needed, until you have 28 (30, 32) sts. Make sure that you end with a right side row.


7. Tail border: With the right side facing, using the smallest circular needle, pick up and knit however many sts you need to lie flat around the perimeter of the sweater, and I’m talking about ALL of the perimeter. The sides were you slipped the sts, the bound off sts, everything.

Now, work in k1 p1 rib for ½ (1, 1) in. In every other (every, every) round, decrease 2 sts at both of the low corners (those being the ones beside the bound off sts). Also decrease in the middle of the sts that you picked up on top of the bound off edge. And decrease 2 sts over the back of the sweater, the part by the tail. That’s 8 sts decreased total. Then bind off the sts loosely.

8. Leg bands: Pick up and k 18 (20, 22) sts with the smallest dpn and work in k1 p1 rib for 2 in, or however long you want! Make it so the Iggys’ wear long sleeves, if they’ll let you! Repeat for other leg.

Hooray! All done! My last bit of instruction? Put

your sweater on your beautifully shaped and well

loved dog and admire the fit!


dpn; double pointed needle

K; knit

K1 p1; knit one, purl one

M; Marker

P; purl

p2t; purl two together

ssk; slip, slip, knit

s1; slip one

St st; Stockinette stitch

st/sts; stitch, stitches

WST; wrap stitch, turn

I’m sorry it’s taken so long. This is my first pattern though, and to be entirely honest, I’m not completely confident that it has no mistakes in it. When I re-knit the sweater, it was very hard for me to follow my instructions and not work from memory. I usually (and unfortunately, I must add) subconsciously guess what a pattern’s intent is anyway, and will just knit away on my own judgment without following the details. Most of the time I’m right, but then again, I’ve also messed up several projects by doing that. 😀 So, my point is, I’d love to hear what kind of results you get when you knit this up, and if you find any mistakes, or don’t understand an instruction, let me know and I will fix it to the best of my ability! Thanks, and enjoy!

And here's an ancient proto-type; Pip's coat of many colors.

Here's an ancient knit-up; Pip's coat of many colors.

Here's one of the many knit-ups of the Iggy sweater

Here's the most resent knit-up of the sweater

Heres the original!

Here's the original!


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